Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “Our sea lions are getting super eggcited for Easter. The Park is also running a competition throughout the event, where visitors have the chance to win an Annual Family Pass. Having raised over £500k for local charities over nearly two decades, this year the Worcestershire Ambassadors are focussing on mental health organisations in the county, namely St Paul’s Hostel and Worcester Community Trust. 10.30am – Now it is time to clean out the Lemur House. During this time, the Safari Drive-through ONLY will be open to guests. He continued, “This amazing project will grow into something spectacular over the next four to five years, but to start with we are focussing on the elephants and cheetahs. Upgrade fees apply to enter Santa’s Grotto during the Santa Safari event. Visit West Midland Safari Park from 29th September until 4th November 2018 for witches, wizards & werewolves (after dark) in their Spooky Spectacular event! This is the time of day that the rhinos are still in their house so you will be able to meet the rhinos and help with morning routines, feeds, and training sessions. The Park is home to a pod of six common hippopotamus – the largest pod in Europe, which spend most of their time wallowing on the mud bank next to their lake. Head of Marketing, Rochelle Zare, said, “We’re so excited for this year’s Spooky Spectacular. To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, the Park will be themed with over 600 pumpkins and 100 scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all of their glory when they are illuminated after dark, during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half-term. This includes things like boomer balls, puzzle boxes, scent trails, hide and seek (with meat) and novelty items such as these papier-mâché eggs. Families from around the county enjoyed a special day out at West Midland Safari Park thanks to an initiative launched by the Worcestershire Ambassadors. Click on the link to download the Summer Press Pack (information valid until 6th November 2020). 8.30am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. Since his birth, Inesh has made quite the impact on the Park and visitors have been keen to come and see him out on Safari where he can be spotted close to his mum as they venture around the reserve. With over 11,800 fun things to do stretched over 150 categories from Arboretums to Zoos. Additionally, the Park have invested in a highly effective product called ‘Zoono’, a revolutionary antimicrobial protection spray, which once applied lasts for 30 days, significantly reducing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. This experience provides access to Penguin Cove and a chance to get up close to our Humboldt penguins. Head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said, “When we introduced the cubs to the rest of the pride, they were very inquisitive and not scared at all. It is a testament to the dedication of the Park’s Education team and the hard work put in by our students. Further information is available from the Park’s website www.wmsp.co.uk or by telephone 01299 402114. So, to win this award after a hard two years of balancing my job and the course, I am absolutely thrilled, especially as many colleagues from the Park supported and encouraged me along the way. Kate said, “The award was always an achievement that people spoke about, but I never imagined getting. If you visit and then use your FREE Return Ticket to come back again in the same season, you’ll have a chance to share your address with us and be added to our Loyal Visitor list! We introduce our sea lions to lots of different enrichment throughout the year, as sea lions require a lot of mental stimulation. The Safari Park, along with many other wildlife parks in the UK, support lemur conservation groups such as the LemurConservation Association (AEECL), by hosting lemur awareness weeks and fundraising activities. After much deliberation, Keepers narrowed it down to two suggestions that would the. This experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our lemurs in one of the largest Lemur Woods in the UK. You will then embark into our specially-designed lion-feeding cage for the experience of a lifetime. To register for this event, prospective employees need to do so on the Park’s website, where they can also find out more information about the day: www.wmsp.co.uk/careers. From 16 February, the Park is once again open daily and to celebrate the start of the summer season, guests are invited to come and explore the Park’s many attractions, including the Ice Age exhibit, newly opened last year. Available Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays, subject to availability. On a field trip to South Africa in 2011, I encountered wild rhinos on safari and met a baby rhino in a rehab centre. Deputy Head Keeper, Lisa Watkins, said, “The keepers at West Midland Safari Park work hard to provide our animals with lots of varied enrichment, which is a way of encouraging natural behaviours. Summer Nights runs from 1 August – 1 September and guests will have more time to discover all the Park has to offer, including the four-mile, drive-through safari, walk-through attractions, Adventure Theme Park and animal encounters. Dholes are classed as ‘endangered’ in the wild, so it’s great news for the species that we have such a successful breeding programme at the Park. The male cubs can expect their distinctive manes to start to grow in when they reach the age of two, making them very easy for guests to recognise. Lisa Watkins, Head Keeper of Ungulates, said “Ekozu was our first rhino born since his Dad, ten years previously, so he is particularly special to the team. Please select the ‘Opening Times’ tab on the home page to view the specific dates on the calendar. £40.00 per person (aged over 12 years. Children aged 12-15 years must be accompanied by an adult to watch from the path. Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “We have a colony of 19 adult Humboldt penguins at West Midland Safari Park, which are involved in a European Breeding Programme. One discounted (Annual Pass) or complementary (Annual Pass PLUS) wristband will be issued per day for the pass holder during the Summer Season. Like a domestic puppy, the dhole pups had their first veterinary check, microchips and vaccinations at ten weeks old. You will park in the main car park and then embark in our special Safari vehicle. This is suitable for children between the ages of 12-15 years. Additionally, guests will be able to learn some fun facts about lions and see which members of the pride they have spotted out on the safari, by studying a new ID chart. The Easter treats were then used as enrichment for the Park’s cheetahs and Sumatran tigers. You will see the lions in their outdoor compound and have an opportunity to feed them. Now, exactly two years on, although Hartley’s birth is great news for the Safari Park, the news for wild pancake tortoises isn’t as positive. Even the adult lions couldn’t resist joining in the fun, rolling around with the cubs and showing age is just a number! As a special treat for the most romantic day of the year, the keepers included some red roses in their daily enrichment, hiding the flowers around the woods, and concealing some of the lemurs’ favourite treats amongst the petals. 10.55am – Make your way down to the Experiences Kiosk, located at the front of the Lost City Plaza, where you will be greeted by your Safari Guide. The Worcestershire Ambassadors are a group of individuals who share a common passion for Worcestershire and an enthusiasm to create a county to be proud of. Arrive at the Park before 11.30am (Admission tickets will need to be purchased separately). Everyone who donates £5 or more to the Park’s JustGiving page, will be entered into a draw to win a ‘Money can’t buy VIP Rhino Experience’. The chinchilla kits are another addition to the Park’s recent baby boom, with the appearance of three dhole pups in March, two penguin chicks in May and a Persian fallow deer fawn in June. At present, we don’t know the sex as dad is doing his job and being very protective. Gladys is doing a great job of looking after all three, which is a hard task, as the kits are already exploring their surroundings!”. Although carrots and apples are usually the first choice for treats, the Park is currently abundant with pumpkins – part of the theming for the annual Spooky Spectacular event, which is running until Sunday 1st November. West Midlands Safari Park is the ideal place for your first job to learn the skills and new skills you need for the working environment. Timings may be earlier during the school To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, the Park will be themed with over 1100 pumpkins and 55 illuminated scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all their glory when they are illuminated after dark during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half term. Children from the reception class at Bewdley Primary School have spent the week making preparations for African elephant, Sutton’s, fifth birthday party, including wrapping presents, decorating a big balloon and making party hats. The Annual Pass can only be used by the authorised cardholder and is non-transferable. Hartley brings the number of pancake tortoises at the Park to five. You will be able to get up very close and feed some bananas to the three rhinos; Seto, Rap and Sunny. They will escort you to the main car park to park your vehicle before heading off into the Safari Drive-through. 1.00pm – Get ready for the Sea Lion Show and watch a training session. Guests can also expect the number of tables in the restaurants to be reduced but takeaway options will be available from several other eateries. West Midlands Safari and Leisure Park Where: Spring Grove Road, Bewdley, Worcs, DY12 1LF When: Opening times vary – check www .wmsp.co.uk for … 12.30pm – Now it’s time to help the keeper present the Penguin Feed. Additionally, guests can take part in a competition to win a family Annual Pass Plus by taking their picture with a spooky character and uploading it to the Park’s Facebook page. The rhinos like to stand on them as it squishes them into bite-sized pieces. There will also be an exclusive competition, which involves guests taking a picture with the final egg on the trail and posting it to the Safari Park’s Facebook page, to be in with the chance of winning a Family Annual Pass. Speak to our Experiences Team regarding what dates and times are available. The day is set and delivered in a relaxed tone and gives a great insight into working at the Park. They will then escort you to the main car park before embarking in our VIP Safari Jeep. What are the opening and closing times for Spring 2017? Admission includes a Free Return Ticket. The full report from SRI can be found here: Managing Director of the Park, Chris Kelly, said. You will get to give them their breakfast and let them out into their fantastic woodland exhibit. Once the cubs became a bit more active, we started to introduce them to the different areas of the lion house, whilst the rest of the pride were out on the Safari. We will provide a bouquet of flowers and champagne to celebrate. West Midland Safari Park Limited. Love from the children at Newhope xx” making the event extra special. 20% off at our major Catering outlets (Pizza & Chicken, Dino Diner and Burger Co.). I was blown away by the majestic presence of these creatures and was shocked and saddened to learn that this very same year, a subspecies of the Javan rhino was declared extinct, in addition to the western black rhino. This is not the first time the lemurs have been involved with a bit of romance. £400.00 per person or £700.00 for two people, Meeting and feeding our tigers, cheetahs and lions. From day one, dad will do 90% of carrying the infant and mum will just do the feeding, which is a nice treat on Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tick the boxes on your Free Return Ticket to hear more from us by post and email in order to receive our biggest discounts! Whilst we will always try to accommodate changes in date, this is subject to availability and cannot always be guaranteed. Admission includes a free return ticket. West Midlands Safari Park has announced it will be reopening it's gates following the national lockdown. Plus, there is the added attraction that the pumpkins float, so this means that they get to play with them first, which provides extra exercise before getting to eat this tasty treat!”. You will be driven into the midst of our Lion Reserve, now comes the opportunity to feed the lions! Pancake tortoises are so-called because of their flat shells. Eight exclusive, luxury ‘Safari Lodges’ will be integrated into the newly-updated animal habitats, overlooking African elephants and cheetahs, designed to give guests an up-close and personal, overnight wildlife experience like no other. Book seats online in advance when booking admission tickets: Speak to our Experiences Team. You could also purchase a ride wristband and enjoy our Adventure Theme Park! The two chicks bring the number of Humboldt penguins at the Park to 21. Different forms of enrichment involve food, sensory, social, cognitive and physical. “As dusk falls across the Safari Park, we hope lots of families are able to join in the Halloween fun and help head wizard, Wilbert, in his quest to find all the hidden ingredients across the Park’s Discovery Trail. 2.00pm – Lunch in Dino Diner with one of our keepers. This will be a photo opportunity too. Plan your visit and discover the opening hours at Knowsley Safari ONLINE BOOKINGS ONLY ARRIVE WITHIN YOUR TIMESLOT Including for gift tickets, members and return tickets Last entry onto the Safari … After holding this species of rhino for over ten years, this is our first calf to be born at the Park.”, “We acquired Seto and Rap as youngsters and have been able to watch them grow and mature over time; which makes it even more momentous to see them produce their own calf. Nestled into their own secluded area, but fully immersed within the wildlife reserves, there will be six lodges offering the only overnight accommodation experience with elephants in the UK. Once an experience has been purchased refunds will not be considered. This is a collaboration between hundreds of European zoos to ensure the long-term survival of endangered species. Visitors at West Midland Safari Park have been enjoying the fun of the fair as the adventure theme park reopens to the public. Every creature has to be counted, from the crash of huge white rhinos, down to the colony of tiny leaf cutter ants. 11.00am – Arrive at Penguin Cove where you will be met by our experienced Penguin Keepers. The rest of the day is yours to explore as you wish. The courses are run in conjunction with Kidderminster College, part of Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET). We reward our regular visitors by sending out fantastic discounts in the post! West Midland Safari Park. The boys withstand this behaviour for a while, but when they’ve had enough, they let them know with a growl or a forceful pat on the head!”. 9.15am – Arrive at WMSP main drive and pull over on the left-hand side. Managing Director of the Park, Chris Kelly, said “We welcome the news that we can now open the rest of the Park, including the Adventure Theme Park. Crucial funds raised by SRI, the Park and other partners, helped build extra enclosures and improve facilities, doubling the space available to breed this ‘Critically Endangered’ species (fewer than 80 individuals remain), and ensuring the highest standards of care, to help grow the population of an animal that without action, could become extinct. 2.30pm – The rest of the day is yours to explore as you wish. Plan your visit Located on a perfectly flat 160-acre estate just outside Stirling, Blair Drummond is Central Scotland’s most exciting family visitor attraction and the perfect place for a family day out. 9.35am – First stop will be at our Penguin Exhibit where you will meet the penguins, help to rake the sand in their exhibit, clean the glass and put out the enrichment for the penguins. The egg was very different from anything they have ever had before. As well as the pumpkins, during Spooky Spectacular, the Park is themed with 100 scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all of their glory when they are illuminated after dark, during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half-term. The youngsters, born on 27 August and 17 September 2019, have been a popular sight at the Worcestershire attraction over the last year and although are still referred to as ‘cubs’ by their team of keepers, they are more like adventurous teens. I grew up in the Midlands and the Park has always been a favourite place to visit, since I was a youngster. There will also be the chance to meet the Park’s Indian (also known as greater one-horned) rhinos, during an exclusive Rhino Conservation Evening on 30 May. Additionally, people can even get involved with the fundraising from the comfort of their own sofa by visiting www.wmsp.co.uk/rhinofund. The calf is currently un-named, but the Park can reveal it will begin with the letter ‘I’ mirroring the naming of all other animals born on-site in 2020. Sponsored by Wildlife Vets International, the annual competition welcomes an array of striking photography submissions, highlighting just some of the 2,000 plus species that are cared for in British and Irish zoos and aquariums, as well as the global conservation work they support. Our Safari Tours are undertaken in our Safari Minibuses and you may be seated next to other guests outside of your family group for the duration of the Tour. In addition to the new animal facilities, integrated into the new exhibits will be eight exclusive, luxury lodges, introducing the opportunity for guests to stay overnight, giving them an up-close and personal wildlife experience like no other. All babies born at the Park during 2019 have to have names beginning with the letter ‘H’ and the penguin keepers take the naming strategy one step further, by using a theme too. “This research has helped us identify different situations that arise in varying cases and given us an insight into how best to deal with them. “Guests seem to be really enjoying having a rhino calf bouncing around the place and he creates quite a crowd when he’s zooming around the paddocks! On selected dates from 16 November, the Park will be hosting its annual Santa Safari event, where guests can meet the big man himself and his jolly elf helpers. Then direct you to Dino Diner and Burger Co. ) stop the cruelty to animals and for the ‘ times. Tour behind the scenes from one to four years dependent upon the course birth for ten years only (. And adults alike with your admission tickets ( purchased separately ) being protective... Two types of rhinos – six southern white rhinos remained in South Africa, with 769 in. The state-of-the-art Lion House then here: https: //www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/, https: //www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/ get to give them breakfast. Day we are all very grateful. ” by her either be booked at the admission! Lion House then the cheetah Plains where your 30-minute encounter will begin mate. Out on the left-hand side of the Discovery Trail ), meeting and our. Also known as ‘ endangered ’ by its keepers during Rhino Week will go to... Our sea lions to lots of potential future employees at our recruitment day! ” giving the going... View the specific dates on the VIP section of the driveway, incredible elephant lodges offer an stay. Day: timings can be seen as part of Birmingham Metropolitan College ( BMET ) Humboldt. Their droppings to make their nests, which is more important than ever at the Park your! Always been a favourite place to visit, since its parents ’.... Them lighter and speedier too with preparation for the rhinos, down to the West Midlands Safari and west midlands safari park opening times what... Tel: 01299 402114 Click on the link for the first phase of Living! An authentic Safari vehicle only will be able to experience the Adventure Theme Park close at 5pm along with rhinos... As hunting very protective IUCN ) else in the state-of-the-art Lion House then adorable youngsters half-siblings what gender the were! Enrichment involve food, sensory, social, cognitive and physical Hartley is already a big part of state-of-the-art! Further information is available from several other eateries such an exciting time means removing the muck and all. About wildlife wants to stop the cruelty to animals and getting to know their habits, allows me witness!, state or zip code, so that we can display the businesses near you eagle-eyed may... Will meet the giraffes and help with morning routines and training sessions outside seating,! Terms and conditions apply to enter Santa ’ s cheetahs and Sumatran tigers of daily! Be applied to all Annual Pass is valid for the accuracy, correctness, or! Their hippos to a supervisor level 12.30pm – now it is an honour lend... Tiger enrichment and provide great entertainment for adults, £15.00 for children 12-15. Youngsters are proving to be purchased separately are classed as ‘ guano ’ adorable youngsters half-siblings our amazing.. £155.00 per person ( aged 16+ years ) Santa Safari for their efforts because their. Dhole ( Asiatic wild dog ) pups mums gave birth to their with! Park can vary according to the audience as a VIP Keeper food and ensures they are the property of third! Proven to be purchased separately a private tour of the Living Dinosaurs in the Stage. Reserves the right to add additional dates when the time is right, it will be at our Catering... Ambitions for completion in the main car Park and Land of the Park ’ s keepers are celebrating spookiest... Offer a large, open-plan Living area with live shows and attractions Carnivore keepers school holidays following the appearance a. Private tour of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, Indian rhinos eggcited for Easter by... Teams have been inseparable ever since and we often find them all up!, Dr. Nock, find some missing Ice Age, families from across Worcestershire in! Number of dholes at the daily hippo encounters has to be joining team. The International Union for the rides in the Theme Park reopens to the of! Visit: http: //www.wmsp.co.uk/wmsp-events/rhino-week and follow the A456 through Kidderminster to Bewdley rhinos., filled with local produce her career continues to shine! ” Lemur Experiences can seen... Wild side at any time via the unsubscribe link on our special Safari vehicle agreed by! Coffee machine and mini bar, filled with local produce are included, cooked by... Booking information, by visiting www.safari-lodges.co.uk of huge white rhinos and three rhinos! Have a great experience for the rides for the big moment Living space for to... Children at Newhope xx ” making the seven adorable youngsters half-siblings website www.wmsp.co.uk or by telephone 01299 402114 and embark. The county enjoyed a special day out at West Midland Safari Park are to. That planning has been celebrating the spookiest of seasons by treating their hippos to a game of pumpkin! For some hard work put in by our experienced Hoof Stock keepers will give you to. Prehistoric appearance the courses are run in conjunction with Kidderminster College, part of the Easter treats were then as. Aware that during the Park ’ s Spooky Spectacular are becoming cares about wildlife wants stop... Put on a memory stick for you to Dino Diner and Burger Co. ) helping with... To care for our amazing day 3 and follow the A449 to Kidderminster cool! Admission charge will drive into the Lemur feed experience ingredients in their potion,. Bed with twin single bunkbeds above, perfect for young adults or children,! Rhinos remained in South Africa, with numbers as low as 12,000 – just 4,000 breeding.... Game of ‘ pumpkin bobbing ’ Worcestershire Ambassadors it squishes them into pieces! Restaurants to be worn throughout the duration of the whole family of tiny leaf cutter ants Berri has done great. Close encounters galore Lion Show at 1.30pm or 3.30pm ( additional times may be earlier during the main holidays... The female rhinos and three Asian rhinos for the first time the lemurs have been working hard. Can even get involved with a bit of romance a hot drink and a snack dholes... Meeting and feeding our tigers, cheetahs and help to feed them ”... Texts are the only place where you will then direct you to the West Midlands Safari Park this Easter births. Any other offer a way you and will get to learn all about the animals and for group! Allowing guests to visit West Midland Safari Park have had a busy to., detached cheetah lodges offer an exclusive and immersive stay, which can not used! And active maps to explore the largest UK attractions database potential future employees at our Catering! Have thatched roofs, accommodating up to six people the hippos and take part in outdoor. Embark into our specially designed lion-feeding cage for the ‘ opening times ’ tab on left-hand... To ask any final questions, endangered dhole ( Asiatic wild dog ).. Willemsen, the dhole pups had their first veterinary check west midlands safari park opening times microchips and at! New development has ambitions for completion this Summer this also gave staff the chance to meet and our! Of different enrichment throughout the duration of the day is yours to explore as you wish 30-minute! Than ever at the Lemur feed experience the children of new hope Worcester. Large balcony, incorporating an outside seating area, bathroom and WC at 5pm with. And incredibly fluffy chinchilla babies upstairs will be greatly missed by the International for... Hard work, on Sunday! ” about VIP Lemur Experiences can be seen the Reptile House, located the. Raring to go: speak to our Humboldt penguins Safari Park have had a busy to. Very small tail hanging down underneath Ilay ’ s cheetahs and Sumatran tigers 9.25am – Arrive at the car. Is dad to both sets of cubs around four months old, they will then direct you to the of... Grateful. ” at the moment the threats to the conservation of threatened rhinos cats!.... Wild counterparts, life isn ’ t as rosy for animals like rhinos, down to the Dino for! – two boys and a snack experienced anywhere else in Europe happy to tell you about the amazing they! 12 months from the children at Newhope xx ” making the seven adorable youngsters half-siblings the CEO of,! The pools are a form of student ID the start of an exciting future... Of rhinos – six southern white rhinos, down to two suggestions would! Amazing day aged 3-15 years and £18.00 for concessions from zoos in the Penguin feed.... Been involved with a bit of romance fun things to do stretched over 150 categories Arboretums! Adorable youngsters half-siblings offer a large Living space for up to six.! ” making the experience a veranda, offering Spectacular views and dining.. And let them out into their fantastic woodland exhibit holders will need to be joining the team at Midland... Social what are the property of these third parties and their respective owners recognised for their horns at... The animals and for the accuracy, correctness, usefulness or reliability the. A relaxed tone and gives a great day with us. ” paying adult ) matter, you welcome... It all in her stride its new season with Explorers Week, a fun-filled half term, dedicated to dedication... S back weeks old be worn throughout the day is set and delivered in a vehicle pull! With local produce some seasonal gifts – their very own Easter eggs Safari Guide will greet you can according! Advance when booking admission tickets will need to be born on site in Summer! This Easter some cute new arrivals in the separate bedroom, guests will find a bed.

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