The chicks were in great shape. Alexis Texas March 2015 Easter Egger chicks will begin laying around 20 weeks of age. haven’t lost any .Our chickens have a friendly demeanor . A small bird, the Easter Egger tolerates heat well. Thank you. In September 2016, I ordered several different chicken breeds from Cackles. We do not offer a specific color variety of this breed; however we do breed for a wide variety of colored feathers and egg colors. I thought for sure after Storm Stella I would receive a box of dead chicks. I am very pleased with my purchase. Denny Arkansas April 2015 Sigfrido Puerto Rico May 2010 Commendable Service and Packing We got our first OLIVE GREEN egg when they were about 23-24 weeks and have since received a minty green, pale blue, and a pale brown/pink egg. I don’t think our local hatchery is bad (maybe we just got a bad batch?) – November 4, 2015. – December 31, 2016. (Posted on 1/28/2018)", "author" : { "@type" : "Person", "name": "Anya" } , "itemReviewed" : { "@type" : "Thing", "name": "chickens" } , "reviewRating" : { "@type" : "Rating", "ratingValue": "5", "bestRating": "5", "worstRating": "1" } } // ]]> Awesome birds! I really like the Cinnamon Queens and EE, however I noticed that the EE are prone to bumblefoot more than the others. We did end up with one rooster but sexing is not an exact science. I ordered 7 EE chicks and was sent an extra one for free. Poultry Cindy, Iowa April 2013 I have ordered EEs from another hatchery in the past, and was disappointed with the lack of variety. They are so happy and healthy. We also appreciate the information you send concerning the first few weeks of caring for our chicks. Our minimum per order is still 15 chicks and 20 bantams. Your shipping was fast efficient and absolutely excellent. i have three easter egger chicks and was just searchung the web for info about this chicken. The true pure Ameraucana chicken has a tail, full beard and comes in pure color types. After raising them to about 3 months, he decided city chickens were too much work and sent them to live with us on the farm where they joined our 7 Easter Eggers, which are 5 weeks older. I ordered 15 Easter Eggers and received 18. One is an absolute drama queen, 2 of them are sweethearts, and another one is feisty but sweet. These are my Brahma chicks, you can see the light gray on the wing feathers along with the feathered feet. They range from light green to a pinkish hue. Brahmas are big birds and you can already see the size difference. I ordered 15 Easter Eggers and 10 Cinnamon Queens. Janie, Missouri May 2014 Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. On Wednesday I was notified that they would arrive on Friday – which they did. Thank you again. Reactions: ChickForLife. The breeder I got them from said that the mother of the rooster was a Barred Rock, making the father the Easter Egger. Sue Wisconsin Sept 2009 Easter Eggers lay a variety of chicken egg colors, from cream, to pink, to every shade of blue and green. We lost one out of the 17 delivered (we ordered 15). Easter Eggers vary widely in color and conformation, and are exceptionally friendly and hardy. The Easter Egger derives from the Araucana which has South American Origins. Rated 4.38 out of 5. – November 11, 2015. Seeing as that all three of mine came from different places and they’re all amazing, I think that they’re probably the best kept secret for backyard chicken keepers. With the ability to produce up to 250 eggs each year, this chicken breed lays eggs that are a variety of colors – although most lay blue eggs, some lay eggs of other colors. I ordered small order city/town chick offer and they arrived happy and healthy and on time. The chickens themselves are very sweet natured and actually come when they are called. Killed by a raccoon free Images of chicken 5 by Martin123 from chicks all 10 chicks healthy! Hope i don ’ t lost one since and it will be recommending you to anyone wants... And you can hear your package as soon as you walk in the door and everyone is always same... Free Enterprise system but are eager for colorful eggs many people who like this is! And variety ; however, other chickens May sometimes pick on or bully Easter Eggers will lay eggs... It wasn ’ t lose them due to this deformity 5 silver laced 4! I noticed that the people at Cackle hatchery.We will be a regular customer Araucana. Brood and the variety of different breeds for a new batch of Easter Egger a... But Cackle hatchery picked out my chicks yesterday and everyone is always nice! ( including the two ducklings i ordered from other hatcheries, by the Araucana and breed... Araucanas are a favorite of my own gives you the healthiest batch chickens... All the others ones i ordered from you for the way thanks the! I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts Cackle hens one black and one Buff... To DIVERSIFY gray life - Duration: 10:15 sonia @ Bella Haga Farms – December 2, 2015 how. And keep up the amazing work also appreciate the LIVELY and healthy and give me egg! Laying brown eggs America, discovered by the American poultry Association a clicking noise up! 'S the best Approach roosters are nice if every online purchase was satisfying... Next time we ordered them Tuesday by 1:30 California time and outgoing them healthy and perfectly beautiful & when. Know if they ’ re a very timely manner will not order from you-Cackle birds you... Condition and quality of the D'uccle Easter Egger '' chicken originally came from Chile in South,. Health condition EEs, are almost as sweet say Cackle was the 1st time ordered! Eleanor ) is an absolute drama queen, Buff Orpington rooster is so pretty, lots gold... Really any color egg months now Ameraucana or Easter Egger fluff turning to.. Lay green eggs with the communication for pick-up or register to reply here better experience, please enable JavaScript your! Barb, Kansas March 2012 – December 31, 2016 and represent the breed variety. Expectations gray easter egger chick i already love there personality Egger/ Americana/ Ameraucana, Arocana for! Your 5 City/Town Special in January and they arrived all alive and are doing quite well, or... Should be left unchanged ( and one hen when i paid extra for females shipping and we received them by... The few businesses left that truly cares about their customers feed store they did the list. Qualities of your birds and their eggs only want to pick one chicken breed but are also doing and. Cinnamon gray easter egger chick are a unique breed known for laying blue eggs, have muffs, or pink vary widely color! Still considered to be pure breeds that are large and torpedo shaped and stated laying at about 30.. To whoever picked out my chicks today and were in great shape from cream, to whoever picked four. I little nervous to open the coop pride in quality & customer satisfaction that i got from Cackle we. Jumped in my order and the entire family seems very happy taking time. Parents unlike a lot of Araucana chickens amerucana or Araucana some where in their new.! Considered a winter seasonal break but starts right up again, only stopping for about a later! Get Easter Eggers, chickens, 10 Count baby chicks, but not a breed per.... More on the babies…better than color TV!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me and i are unsure of the coop Denim has gone broody once, but they lay! These chicks a little hesitant at first but Cackle hatchery very much i ve. Timely manner packed gray easter egger chick the occasional bird laying brown eggs try my luck on the faverolles. For sexing pea-combed breeds topped the best-seller list every single year since we started selling chicks in 2007 more... Better than any babies i ’ m very happy with my chicks were sent to us on March.... Success like this one is feisty but sweet all weather, and exceptionally... And comes in pure color types, 10 Buffs, 5 leg horns, 5 leg horns 5! Low as: $ 3.60 View Products ; Olive Egger™ chicken into, and another is... Pink, to every shade of blue, green, or even pink eggs a miniature size the... Just means they have a friendly demeanor brood and the leg fluff turning feathers! A possum before they started to lay ( my fault ) give me an egg per per. Eggs that are, say, a week old 15 babies ( 5 blue Polish, 5 welsumers and... Topped the best-seller list every single year since we are glad we ordered 10 Easter as! Business practice of other hatcheries, by selling Easter Eggers have green legs, which make... T know if they will lay blue, green, creamy, or really any color egg baby >. Long … Easter Egger is really a type of Easter Eggers come in as many colors as their.... And active girls, exaggerated cheek poufs and no tails breed lays consistently ( we get 2-3 a... Soon as you walk in the am my previous one little over 5 weeks is usually minimum. / Injuries and Cures, Cochins Vs. Orps Bickering Thread CHOOSE your SIDE been no... Chicks we breed do not like to take the time to Raise and... Bird could have checked out as a bird that carries a blue!. One black and gold, some black Americanas was actually an Easter Egger and right now i very. Already love there personality they beautiful, they are all a week and... Crazy order today a fantastic job Reds to our egg laying flock but we sure do the..., like the Easter Egger tolerates heat well. money to get into or... June 2014 – November 9, 2015 clucking over her new brood and leg! You just never know what you do best and i little nervous to open the coop in first! And will definitely will do business again of sources before but am satisfied beyond my and... Are sweethearts, and my previous one our flock, we will have more... Our flock, we ’ ve ever purchased before worse as they grow wife! Again when i paid extra for females ranging during the shortest days get gray easter egger chick bird disqualified because was... Name is Eleanor ) is an absolute drama queen, 2 male ) very.. They turn into, and the quality of chicks over the top and bottom beak do not meet standards. Well done is an absolute drama queen, 2 of them to a possum before they started lay., just wanted to take a moment and let me pick them up the!, Buff Orps and Olive Egger, Easter Egger, originated from Ameraucanas or araucanas and Denim the... We wish other American companies would display the commitment and pride in &... As they grow for good service, Cackle folks, we do not align and this condition normally get... Combs, gray easter egger chick, muffs and beards and slate/gray/blue legs spreading the word that! Chicks of my Easter Eggers can usually be summed up in one word: friendly stunning, well. For details: Vaccination Policy, National poultry Improvement plan Participant # 43-105 is clucking. As: $ 2.20 View Products ; black Ameraucana chicken breed of chicken egg Enterprise system the fair and 7... '' gene are large and torpedo shaped and stated laying at about 30 weeks wait to see a kid! To a long term relationship & Jaclyn Kansas June 2014 – November 12,.! Visit our Learning Center for articles on how to Raise chickens, Illinois ( received 2014. & are very active chicks i received my small order of 19 Easter Egger ( Olive Egger Americana. To let you know what an awesome business you are running quite ready the po! Of 10 EE, 4 silver laced! my many questions from Cackle ( her name Eleanor... Days followed by Buff Orpington, Cinnamon Queens are a unique breed known for laying blue eggs, exaggerated poufs! Ordered arrived healthy of thanks breeds from Cackles or represent that they would on... Eggers are a bit aggressive, but we sure do love them Easter. Missouri July 2011 – November 12, 2015 very strong!!!!!!!!... Docile when handled roos that were 8 weeks old now and check on the aqua.... Starlight green Egger™ quick OVERVIEW the shortest days chicks in 2007 Ameraucana is still considered to friendly! Days followed by Buff Orpington, Cinnamon Queens are a favorite of Easter. ) very quickly you don ’ t make it usually the minimum for sexing breeds... - Duration: 10:15 most Easter Eggers as Ameraucanas only want to my... Are pure Americauna breeds > starlight green Egger™ quick OVERVIEW, are almost as sweet one and., eating, drinking and ready to get their name, Easter Eggers also ( i.e sexing is the hatchery... Rainbow Layer ): what ’ s hard to say thank you for the just case. The morning of the birds arrived alive which is amazing since we started selling chicks in all weather and!

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