Meanwhile, the majority of Financial Review readers backed the ABC’s Four Corners story about the affairs and alleged affairs of federal ministers, … Thread starter DavidsSling; Start date Apr 6, 2020; D. DavidsSling BANNED. ABC Four Corners “Power and Influence” stunning exposures of Chinese influence and corruption in Australia June 6, 2017 Warwick Hughes 2 Comments A must see show for those interested in politics but too much for one show – many leads calling … The investigation tracks the activities of Beijing-backed organisations and the efforts made to intimidate opponents of the Chinese Communist party. For some time, the China threat chant has been building, reaching a crescendo with the recent ABC Four Corners program on China's alleged "agents of influence" in Australia. In June 2017 after a Four Corners investigation into supposed Chinese attempts to influence Australian politicians and exert pressure on international students studying in Australia, Turnbull ordered a major inquiry into espionage and foreign interference laws. This includes Four Corners, a report released in June 2017, which exposed the personal connections of Chinese-born business people, not only with Australian politicians but also with high ranking UN officials. Last night ABC TV aired a Four Corners/Fairfax Media investigation into China’s power and influence in Australia that promised to uncover 'how China's Communist Party is secretly infiltrating Australia'. In Australia, for example, there is an ongoing debate over Chinese influence. Sep 30, 2019 778 0 683 Country Location. Chau wasn’t the main focus. Dec 14, 2008 9,223 0 10,700 Recently, ABC’s investigative Four Corners program raised concerns about the potential impact of growing Chinese economic and political influence on Australian democratic institutions. Apr 6, 2020 #1 khansaheeb ELITE MEMBER. It began with a 2017 Four Corners program about Chinese influence in Australian politics and universities. Just as the Four Corners program on China influence was going to air in 2017, a Chinese court found that Crown employees were operating outside the … Interference: China’s covert political influence campaign in Australia | Four Corners. In Australia, for example, there is an ongoing debate over Chinese influence. Five months in the making, this joint Four Corners/Fairfax Media investigation uncovers how China’s Communist Party is secretly infiltrating Australia. The program traced the stories of various individuals and their ties to China and concluded we must all be more careful of 'covert Chinese actions taking place on Australian soil'.

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