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We Deliver Local to win ‘Online Business of the Year’ in the Farm Shop &Deli Awards

Local Online Business We Deliver Local from Cheshire are entered into the Farm Shop & Deli Awards, in partnership with Olives Et Al. They recognise excellence in independent speciality retailers and we need your help to win!

The awards acknowledge the very best standards in speciality retail and to celebrate the highest levels of service, product knowledge, initiative, innovation and community involvement. The aim is to highlight highly driven and passionate local businesses like We Deliver Local, and to generate the coverage they deserve. Winning this Award would help build them as a destination, putting them on the map both regionally and nationally and also, bringing interest to Congleton.

The expert panel of Judges including BBC Radio 2’s Gastronome Nigel Barden, need these invaluable consumer votes as they are part of the judging criteria. Nigel commented “Last year I was lucky enough to meet some hugely driven, focused and talented individuals championing the absolute best in fresh, local produce that the United Kingdom has to offer. Our winners are set to represent a gold standard in the speciality retail arena. I’m extremely excited to see what entries we receive this year!”

Andrew Hughes, Business Development Manager at local Online Business We Deliver Local said “We’re really striving to boost independent business and encourage people to use local shops”

The Awards recognise excellence within the speciality retail market, focusing on independent speciality retailers who sell regional fresh /farm produce or have a delicatessen counter offering thirteen categories to enter under and win including Online Business of the Year.

Entrants will also have the opportunity to win as a North West Champion. The Regional winners will progress through to have the opportunity to win the overall coveted title of Farm Shop & Deli Awards Retailer of the Year announced at the Farm Shop & Deli Show 2015

Vote online at:


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How to share your products on facebook


As we all know, facebook it s a great way to share special offers and events.

We Deliver Local has made is easier for you to share your latest products and shop offers with friends and people who follow your facebook page.

Step 1:

Go to the shop page, for example

shop page

 Step 2:

Select the product category that contains the product you would like to share, and find the product image, and click on the more information sign (the little “i” next to the product) this will take you to the individual products page.



Step 3:

Select the share button found at the bottom right of the product screen

like and share


Step 4:

When the faebook pop up loads, login to your facebook and select where you would like to share the product. You can also leave a comment here too.



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We’ve made We Deliver Local even easier – information for shops

It’s so easy to add your shop to the We Deliver Local website. By being listed on our site we can help boost your orders by bringing a whole new online customer base to your shop.

What will my shop look like on the site?

You can see an example of one of the shops on the site by clicking here.

What does it cost?

The We Deliver Local package starts at only £19.99 per month. This is available to all types of shops and you can list as many products as you wish.

Add your shop

Just enter your products and prices into our system and it will automatically create your online shop on our website.  This is ideal if your shop already offers a delivery service or you are looking to start one.

Step By Step Guide

1) Register with the We Deliver Local Site here

2) Click add your shop  Hit apply and enter your shop name.

3) Complete your Shop Details, add in your address, customer phone number, upload your shop logo, opening days and even link to your Facebook page.

4) Edit your Delivery Details, type your postcode and the area that you wish to deliver to.  You can also set your delivery charge here.  We suggest £2 or £3 to build up a good customer base.  You can add multiple delivery areas; for example if you wanted to do different areas on different days.

Yyou can also select the minimum time between ordering and delivery.  The system will handle anything up to express 90 minute delivery. When you click save, you can add additional details which will be shown to the customer.

5) Next, click on shop products.  Here you can begin to build your shop.  We suggest if you have a large shop then start with your top 100 products. If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact one of the We Deliver Local team.  We can upload products in spreadsheet format (available on request email [email protected])

-Click the category you wish to edit.

-Type in your product details, and here you can select from our stock images, or upload your own.

6) When you are happy you can go back to ‘My Account’ and click the go live button.  Once you make your payment, we will review your shop, make suggestions and set your shop live!


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Take the strain out of your weekly shop!

Most of us hate going to the supermarket.  People are simply too busy these days; you fight for a parking space, there are long queues, you play dodgems in the aisles with your trolley and there are children running wild! Not to mention that supermarkets are full of spirit crushing offers, and deceptive pricing. Thankfully there is a new local delivery service that represents the future of shopping as we know it – We Deliver Local. You can have local groceries brought to you instead of fighting against the hassle of travelling to your local superstore. Not only saving you money, but time, stress, and hassle.


Here’s how to get started with We Deliver Local…


Firstly, go to the site, and enter your postcode. We Deliver Local covers over 100 areas of the UK, and soon will cover even more!   It is currently the UK largest independent online grocery market, offering everything from veg boxes to corner shops; and offers grocery delivery so you don’t have to rely on major supermarket chains. Simply pick the store you like and place your order.


You’ll need to sign up for an account.  Shop for your groceries, add items to your cart, and check out with your preferred credit or debit card, PayPal or even Bitcoin.  It’s just like when you buy a DVD at Amazon, music at iTunes, or Ebay.


When you check out, the first thing you’ll notice is the delivery charge.  It’s usually something like £2 or another specific fee based on the size of your order, or distance from the shop.  Think of it as the equivalent to a shipping fee, and many or our grocery stores will waive the delivery fee entirely if you order over a certain value.  Finally simply select a delivery window and sit back and relax.


At We Deliver Local online prices are usually the same as with in-store pricing.  Also, you can see the total cost with every single item you add to your cart so its easy to stay within your budget.


Shopping for your groceries on the internet is easy and cheap.  You may still want to top up your shop at the supermarket with certain items, but it should really take the strain out of your weekly shop.


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Have you considered changing your shopping habits?


There are lots of new online services that shop locally on your behalf and then deliver to your home.  These types of services are becoming more and more popular.


Instinctively most people would like to support their local independent retailers.  However, in modern times, a lack of free time, work demands, and pressures of the modern family, we find ourselves habitually reaching for the convenience of supermarket shopping.


It’s well documented and noticeable fact that our local butchers, green grocers and corner shops have been slowly disappearing from high streets around the UK.  Many are having a tough time keeping up with our national supermarket giants whose late opening hours, dominance of our towns, and accessible out of town parking are just too easy and well adapted for the our 21st century lifestyles.


It may be news to you, however, that it’s now possible to buy your groceries online from shops in your area in the same way you would from Sainsbury’s or Tesco. We are seeing neoteric online businesses springing up across the country.  You can order online, collect locally, and some shops will even deliver them to you.


The cost of buying locally can be surprisingly low.  A typical veg box, grown locally has far fewer overheads than what you’d find on the supermarket shelves.  Your local convenience store will always be on the lookout for great special offers from the local cash and carry too.   This is how they sustain themselves, and keep customers coming back.  Once you start shopping locally it’s hard to stop.  People are attracted by the quality of service, and by the fact that shopping local really is the right thing to do.  I’ve often asked our local shop owner to stock certain items.  He is always happy to oblige.  This is the kind of service that the big supermarkets can never achieve.


It may also interest you to know that for every £1 spent locally, more than twice as much is retained in the local economy; not only supporting other local businesses, but also communities such as schools and other local services.


Have you considered changing your shopping habits?   We Deliver Local is an online grocery delivery service that operates around the UK.  Customers visit the website, and can easily place an order with shops in their area. The website boasts a wide variety of butchers, bakers, fishmongers, greengrocers and farm shops. In some areas you can order from multiple retailers and have you order delivered in one easy delivery. It’s also reassuring to know that the cost is the same as if you’d bought from the shop in person.


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What’s in Your Basket?


Online shopping or online retailing has grown in popularity over the years and is a form of electronic commerce which allows you to directly buy goods or services from a shop over the Internet using a web browser. Online shopping has been happening for a while – so how does it work, and are there any problems you should be aware of?


Basically shopping online includes adding things to a virtual basket, viewing and editing your purchases, visiting the online checkout and arranging delivery.


With We Deliver Local, you are buying your goods directly from your local shops over the internet.  You may have had similar experiences with eBay, or Just-Eat.  Essentially, when you buy a product from We Deliver Local, instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, you can make your purchase via the website instead.  This means you can shop securely, and locally from the comfort of your own home.


There are many deals across the website, and you can be sure that all the prices are the same as in store.  You are dealing directly with your local shop or supplier so you can be confident that you are getting quality and the best service possible. If you encounter any problems with your order, you can easily deal directly with the shop owner, getting the same customer service as you would from any local shop.


We Deliver Local was set up to connect people with their local shop owners; whether this be a butcher’s, fish monger, convenience store or many more of the varied shops on the website. We strive to work with only the best shop owners and producers so you can be confident that you really are getting the best local shopping online experience.


We hope you enjoy the website and will pay us a visit soon at We are always happy to receive feedback about the site.  If you have any suggestions please email [email protected]




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Why Shop Locally and Independently?


A sustainable food system requires robust networks of local and regional food production and distribution. 


If you’re even contemplating the idea of buying local food, then you’re a long way ahead of most consumers. Many of the benefits should already be apparent as to why buying local food is so important. However if your still not fully convinced then perhaps it’s worthwhile to read on!


Local food is quite a buzz phrase nowadays. There are good reasons behind the popularity of this movement. For example, buying from local farmers promotes the local economy, supports your friends and neighbours and reduces our use of fossil fuels. On average supermarket food has travelled up to 1,500 miles to get to your dinner table.  It’s probably also important to consider that supermarkets tend to buy varieties of fruit and vegetables that travel well, don’t bruise easily, last a long time, and keep ‘looking good’.  However the fruit and vegetables which have been transported huge distances have fewer nutrients, are more costly to the environment, and take money out of your local economy.


You can easily contribute to ensuring that you are helping to generate income for your local economy, and put money in the pockets of your local businesses. Take Action. Sustainability is about ensuring the long-term well-being of not only the planet, but people and the economy. A commitment to buying locally grown foods is a powerful gesture to the larger community.  It, as well as buying from your corner shop or local grocery store, reflects dedication to supporting small and endangered family businesses,


We Deliver Local ( is an online grocery market, specifically restricted to local and independent business.  You can be sure if you shop online with us, that your money is going straight back in the pocket of your local businesses.

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We Deliver Locals Guide to the Brazil World Cup food!

Brazilian cuisine has European and African influences. It varies greatly by region, reflecting the country’s mix of native and immigrant populations, here is We Deliver Locals guide to the food of this years Brazilian World Cup:


obó de camarão - A Brazilian dish of shrimp in a purée of manioc meal, coconut milk and other ingredients. Like many similar dishes, it is flavoured with palm oil, called dendê in Brazilian Portuguese and is traditionally served with white rice, but may also be treated as a standalone side dish.


Caldeirad – A Portuguese fish stew consisting of a wide variety of fish and potatoes, along with other ingredients. In Brazil, it has been described as an aromatic chowder of river fish and cilandro.


Carne-de-sol - Portuguese for “sun-dried meat”, literally “meat of sun”), is a dish from North eastern Brazil. It consists of heavily salted beef, which is exposed to the sun for one or two days to cure.


Caruru – Made from okra, onion, shrimp, palm oil and toasted nuts (peanuts and/or cashews). It is a typical condiment in the north eastern state of Bahia


Churrasco – In Brazil, churrasco is the term for a barbecue (similar to the Argentine, Uruguayan, Paraguayan and Chilean asado) which originated in southern Brazil. It uses a variety of meats, pork, sausage and chicken which may be cooked on a purpose-built “churrasqueira”, abarbecue grill, often with supports for spits or skewers.


Arroz de coco (coconut rice) – A dish prepared by soaking white rice in coconut milk or cooking it with coconut flakes.


Cuscuz – In Brazil, the traditional couscous is made from cornmeal.


Feijoada – A stew of beans with beef and pork, which is a typical dish in Portugal and former Portuguese colonies, such as Brazil, Macau, Angola, Mozambique and Goa.


Galinhada – A stew of rice with chicken, which is a typical Brazilian dish in the states of Minas Gerais and Goiás.


Maniçoba – A festive dish in Brazilian cuisine, especially from the Amazonian region, it is of indigenous origin, and is made with leaves of the Manioc plant, salted pork, dried meat, and smoked ingredients, such as bacon or sausage.


Mocotó – Made from cow’s feet, stewed with beans and vegetables. The name is derived from the Tupi “mbokotó″.


Moqueca – Seafood stew, in two regional variants: Moqueca baiana and Moqueca capixaba


Pato no tucupi – A traditional Brazilian dish found mostly in the area around the city of Belém in the state of Pará state. The dish consists of a boiled duck (pato in Portuguese) in tucupi.


Piracuí – Traditionally known in the Amazon region as farinha de peixe (fish meal) and is traditionally made from a dried, ground fish known asbodó.


Arroz e feijão (rice and beans) – Different regions have different preferences. In Brazil, black beans are more popular in Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, while in most other parts of the country these are mostly only used in feijoadas.


Sarapatel – A dish of Portuguese origin now commonly cooked in the coastal Konkan region of India, primarily Goa and Mangalore (by Goan Catholics), and in northeastern Brazil. Ingredients include meat and offal, which varies depending on region from pork to lamb and even beef.


Sopa de mondongo - From Latin America and the Caribbean, this is a soup made from diced tripe (the stomach of a cow) slow-cooked with vegetables such as bell peppers, onions, carrots, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, cilantro, garlic or root vegetables.


Tacacá – A soup common to North Brazil, particularly the states of Acre, Amazonas, Rondônia and Pará. It is made with jambu (a native variety of paracress), and tucupi (a broth made with wild manioc), as well as dried shrimps and small yellow peppers.


Tucupi – A yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root in Brazil’s Amazon jungle. It is also produced as by-product of manioc flourmanufacture. The juice is toxic when raw (containing hydrocyanic acid).


Vatapá – Prepared with bread, shrimp, coconut milk, finely ground peanuts and palm oil mashed into a creamy paste. This food is very popular in the North and Northeast, but it is more typical in the northeastern state of Bahia where it is commonly eaten with acarajé.



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Why is We Deliver Local so great for your business?


Here are some of the key reasons we feel that We Deliver Local is a great way for your shop to get online.

  • We constantly reinvest on behalf of the businesses we have on the website including Facebook advertising, providing window stickers, posters and flyers.
  • You can become part of a national network of shops that will become bigger than any main supermarket website with greater UK coverage over the next 12 months.
  • We have been featured in national press including the Telegraph, Guardian and The Observer.  We are constantly striving for new ways to generate traffic to the website.
  • The website is keyword phrased to your local area. People will be able to search for your shop on Google, and will instantly be able to order your products
  • We Deliver Local is now in the top 10% of businesses on any social media, with over 10K followers on twitter!
  • We are growing constantly, adding new shops daily, and currently cover nearly 100 areas of the UK.

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet too often, however we are proud of our website and how much we are helping local businesses to compete with supermarkets in their local area.

Join the Local food revolution today and see how we can work together!


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A Mediterranean Diet Reduces Caner Risk


Eating a healthy, balanced diet can reduce your risk of cancer.

Experts think that nearly one in ten UK cancer cases are caused by living an unhealthy life style, lack of regular exercise, and making bad food choices. It is important to include everything you need in your diet, even in good health.  It has been discovered that proper nutrition and diet are important to help prevent many digestive diseases, including colorectal, esophageal, and liver cancers.

Choosing healthy food is not the only important factor. It also matters how you prepare and store your food and of course stopping smoking and drinking less alcohol. states that eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein, and sticking to very few fatty, fried or sugary foods, can really be of benefit.   They conclude that 60% of all cancers of the oesophagus, 45% of all colo-rectal cancers and 38% of breast cancers could be prevented, if people ate a healthy diet, had a healthy body weight and engaged in regular physical activity.

A lot of people think that eating a healthy diet and a cancer protective diet means cutting all sorts of favourite foods out of your diet and that actually isn’t so. Typically the Mediterranean diet is a very natural, organic way of eating. But you don’t have to live near the Mediterranean to enjoy this style of food, nothing is really excluded, generally. It involves a eating lots plant based foods, and a lot of healthy fats.

The key foods that are are omitted from the Mediterranean are heavily processed foods, refined flours and sugars and fats.  Also, sticking to seasonal vegetables and fruits, olive oil, lots of pulses and whole grains, herbs and spices. These types of very nourishing foods really makes up the core of the Mediterranean diet.

You can make very simple meals and start using simple ingredients such as whole grain pasta with tomatoes and basil, and you will really start to notice a difference in how your body feels.  Cutting out take-a-ways and preparing fresh food yourself can also be very rewarding, you’ll be surprise how increasing your regular fruit intake can really make you feel good.


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Shop Local

Farm Shops | About Us | Add your Shop | Driving Jobs | Help | Blog | Contact Us

Opened in 2011. We Deliver Local provide out customers with a service where they can get fresh local produce delivered straight to their front door, offering the ease of supermarket shopping and at the same time helping local business in the community. Fresh grocery deliveries and organic food from farm shops and local businesses.

We Deliver Local helps you find your local Farmshop, Farm Shop, Farmshops, Organic Shop, Farmers Market, Food Delivery, Butcher, Grocer, Local Produce Supplier and Farm Shops in your area so you can buy Vegetables, Meat, Groceries, Fruit and Organic Food online and help to support Local Shops, Farmers, Farmer, Farming in Britain, British Produce, Organic Food in the UK.

we deliver local online