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Cheese Can Cure Insomnia!


I don’t know how many people out there are also working for a start up company? Building We Deliver Local from the ground up can be as stressful as it can rewarding, and it was recently I found out how much getting a business off the ground can affect your sleep.
It can be very difficult to turn off at the end of a day, with ideas running around your head, for example I’ll constantly be thinking about how we can find more shops, how we can reach more customers, and how we can improve our website, and i have often been finding myself having bouts of insomnia, that was until i made a recent discovery.


It started because i was upping my cheese intake after hearing that it worked towards keeping your teeth healthy, this is why it is often severed after dinners. It really does actually combat acid erosion, cheese is an alkali so neutralises the acid in food, and so is particularly good after sugary drinks, cakes and biscuits. It doesn’t need to be a big chunk (of course it’s no substitute for good brushing)


As it happens i am partial to a couple of beers in the evening, and had began eating a small amount of cheese before bed just to help my teeth, I was really surprised at the results. Over the course of a couple of weeks, I suddenly found I was sleeping much better, with less snoring, and less time laying in bed waiting for sleep to come.


The Cheese had a really calming influence.


A small amount of cheese just before bed can really help you sleep better, i don’t really know whether there are medical reasons, or what is happening, but i know the last two weeks I have slept better than ever after having a little cheese before I hit the sack. My favourite is Lancashire, it seems to give me a very deep and dreamless sleep, however cheddar, and Cheshire cheese can be just as effective, I haven’t actually tried red Leicester yet, but i will keep you posted with the results!


So I would suggest, if you are having a little trouble sleeping, try a little cheese each night, I’d be interested to hear if you too are sleeping better.



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