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Over 3,000 greengrocers lost in the last decade.

Highlighting the dramatic decline of traditional shops, forcing customers to pay more for their fruit and vegetables.


British high streets have lost nearly 3,000 greengrocers over the last decade, showing the dramatic decline of traditional shops, forcing customers to pay more for their fruit and vegetables.  This has been called the “slow death” of the British high street, caused by the mammoth power of supermarkets and the increasing costs of running an independent business.


It is little known that shoppers have been left considerably worse off from the closures, with the price of fruit and vegetables averaging 45 per cent more expensive in supermarkets compared with the same produce at a traditional grocer.  It has led to a marked decline in competition. Without all these local green grocers supermarkets can get away with charging almost whatever they like for fruit and vegetables.


The high street is being destroyed by a wide range of factors, from rising business costs, expensive parking, poor planning decisions and the increasing might of the supermarkets.  The closure of greengrocers comes on top of over 3,000 butchers and fishmongers shutting up shop since 2001.  Supermarkets are bulldozing through weak planning regulations, forcing more and more local shops out of business and leaving us with clone towns, not home towns.


With consumers being the big losers, it’s worth pointing out that the majority of grocery shops charge less for their fresh produce than supermarket chains, despite high profile advertising, and price wars.  A typical basket of fruit and veg shows six fruit and five vegetables from the big supermarkets costs an average £37.20, compared to just £21.01 on average – tested from 4 independent greengrocers registered with


Supermarkets are leading consumers up the garden path with claims that their prices are the cheapest. In reality many independent shops offer better prices due to a lack of unnecessary packaging and shorter logistics, getting the food fresher and faster to your dinner table.


The possible light at the end of the tunnel, is the upsurge of farmers’ markets which have flourished over the past decade. There are an estimated nearly 1,000 now; a weekly fixture in some towns.


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