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Why Does We Deliver Local Increase Footfall in Towns

Our pilot area of Macclesfield showed the benefit that our service can provide in increasing footfall to the towns.  We have around 600 followers on Facebook, and 3000 on Twitter.  Within this social structure, we create discussion and awareness of … Continue reading

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Maximise margins with your own veg box scheme

Veg box schemes have increased in popularity significantly over recent years and sales topped £100 million last year, according to the Soil Association. Such direct retail links between producer and consumer now represent around 2% of UK grocery market activity. Most … Continue reading

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A New Dawn for Local Shop Co-operatives

At a time when reports are showing a 30-40% drop in footfall across UK town centres, what can we do to promote quality and brand loyalty of our local town centre shops? The challenge has been set by out of … Continue reading

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Nearly everybody instinctively wants to support local shops and help to sustain local communities. At the same time, many shoppers feel guilty about being constantly seduced by the ease and convenience of shopping in one of the giant supermarket chains. Now, for the first … Continue reading

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The Future For Local Food

Do you think about how far your food has travelled before it reaches the dinner table? in the current economic climate with fuel reserves diminishing at an alarming rate, could it be that we will see a shift to more locally sourced food supply? … Continue reading

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WeDeliverLocal @ The Treacle Market

On Sunday we visited the Treacle Market, Macclesfields well established quality Arts, Antiques, Crafts, Food and Drink Market, held on the cobbles of the historic old Marketplace in Macclesfield. With £50 worth of shopping to give away in our guess the sweets … Continue reading

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Opened in 2011. We Deliver Local provide out customers with a service where they can get fresh local produce delivered straight to their front door, offering the ease of supermarket shopping and at the same time helping local business in the community. Fresh grocery deliveries and organic food from farm shops and local businesses.

We Deliver Local helps you find your local Farmshop, Farm Shop, Farmshops, Organic Shop, Farmers Market, Food Delivery, Butcher, Grocer, Local Produce Supplier and Farm Shops in your area so you can buy Vegetables, Meat, Groceries, Fruit and Organic Food online and help to support Local Shops, Farmers, Farmer, Farming in Britain, British Produce, Organic Food in the UK.

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